Wednesday, April 13, 2011

hasky eyes !

it was a long journy, after two plains and three airports. the sun was almost going to touch the line of the horizont when ive landed in this cold country. the sky was reminding me about the cold winter day from backhome. with a gray coulor and a dead nature.
ive jumped into a taxi and i asked the driver to let me at the adress i had written down on a small piece of paper. the road was not that long, and ive been there very soon. on the way i was watching the city sights. i was admiring the new buildings infront of me.
ive changed some words with the taxi driver and asked him a nice place where i can experience the city night life the most. he told me some comercial places ive already know about from other stories about this place. ive asked him again, but this time i told him to direct me to some nice undergroud place. he give me on a paper a name 'exP', a place that should bring me something new in what fun means .

at my destination ive put the paper into my pocket and jump of after ive thanked the driver. i was staying in a small guest house with a verry cosy living where you could find two tv, and couple of cauches , a small library with interesting old books. everything was the grandmathers look, but in a very cosy feeling. ive checked in and went outside for a walk and a cigarete. ive sleeped right away after and when my eyes open in the morning it was already 10 in the morning. went into the shower fast and had a snack at the cofeteria they had. ive put in my back pack a book, my camera and 2 apples. green apples , because i love the taste of sweet sarow green. a winter hat and some gloves in case the temparature goes down. ive jumped in the bus that showed up just couple of minits ive arrived in the station and ive went down in the center city.
i went into a library and i searched the oldest tour city guid. because i wanted to see the most old places, and reading there i could had see what was there once, and how its today. ive always loved to make this everywhere i went. after ive found it i went at the cash point and pay out some crap money. even the seller suggested me to change it with a new version but ive said that i want this one.
ive went into the first coffeeshop i got and sat down and order a mint tea. i went very fast on the pages of this old tourguide and underline some places that i found that might be interested.
ive took out my camera and ive met a picture with the book and the mint tea cup , it was a orange light and the shadows were falling really nice.
i went down the streets in search of this old expezition room, where old artists used to show there work. ive found it still open. but the date of the last expozition was saying loads of how bad the palce is going. 20 years from the last expozition. but still the painting were there and ive did had a look.
the pictures were all shapes of nude womans in different position. the lines were all the coulors in the words and it was inspireing you a semiopac window infront of a sexual act. i did liked it. i went out and made a picture with the corner of the street in blurr and in focus with the old sign of the exposition.
when ive zoomed the picture i noticed the name of the artist and a contact phone. i copy it in mine and i said to myself that i should give him a ring. and i did

- hello sir! ive just seen your exposition from 20 year ago that it still running inside the expo hall on the corner of the street in the old city. i was wondering if you have others around here

- hello sun, he replyed and then a small silente moment had accure.

-hello? ive asked again and the answer came. lets have a beer in a hour he told me. i'll be meeting some friends later at this epic pub from the city center. you will find it at the end of the street as you come from the other side of the tower. ive agree with him and set a meeting with this interesting caracter i just end up to meet.
the rest of the day i walked around and saw more places from the book, one of them closed, one of them restore with other names and owner, in the end it was a nice way to see this new city. went back to my guest house and set down writing some thoughts and reviewing my pictures taken. went and had a shower and put on some random jeans, a white tshirt and a black suit couth.
ive order a taxi and went outside where ive enjoyed a cigaret. i give him the name of the place and he looked a bit wierd to me, but he just drove there. ive entered the place and yeah, the first thing was that i dont belong there. everyone could be my father or my grandfather. but soemthing about this people told me that i should stick around a bit to see whats going on. ive ringed again the number and ive seen the man that answer. ive asked him if he had a green jacket on and he replyed yes. i hang out and made two steps to him and introduce himself. the he introduce me to some other friend of him at the table. he asked me to sit and to tell him what i did find beautiful in his exposition.
ive describe him the vision that the paintings are sending me, to a sexual scene that is misterios because of the blurry glass from infront of it. i told him that i could see moves and small scenes of the action and that was what i loved about them. the lines and the shapes were just sending your mind into a sexual emotion.

- i like your answer , and there is something that you see, you are very close to what ive seen before i put the pen dawn and draw them. i might be able to show you the place that i did it. but for that you need to agree with me drawing you in that moments .
that is something that intrigs me. i was not shy at all, i love to be draw so i accepted. he also told me that it will be an experience that i cannot talk about to anyone in this town. and i should keep it for myself as long as i am there. and if i tell it to the world to make sure that i will not come back again.
the rules seemed a bit strange but artist people are strange, and ive agree with this. we drinked two beers and talked more about different subjects over life, music, food, places, people. the old man was wise and i did keep some of his words someplace in my mind.
we finished the conversation and he tapped me on my sholder, asking only with his eye to fallow him. thing i did. we went outside where there was this hourses with a carful. he hopped in and asked the guy to take us to a place that i couldnt here the name.
where are we going ive asked, can i know the name? you cant he said and all the way was silent.
we went down when we got the sign from the driver and step into the a small street with very low light. we enter a building that didnt looked very welcoming place. a door was open already and we went inside. walk down a coridor with yellow old walls and green dirty carpet.
we enter another door, and there was like a small studio of an artist. this is my studio he said. how i want you to let you know that behind this white cortines you will find a girl that will enjoy the pleasure of sex with you. you dont have to do nothing then just let urself one with the flow. i will be on the other side, makeing paintings with your experience, painting that will replace the ones from the actual one.
i do this only when people understand my creation. and you are one of them. the girl is a beautiful girl and i am sure its the type of girl that will stay in your mind for a long time. so now u can step behind the sheets and enjoy this experience that you are about to walk in.
i took my suit off and my shoes. ive steped behind the cortines and soem candels were lighting very low the room. it was not a small room, on the wall in the low light there was another painting hanging there and a old bourges couch. on it a girl was laying down. you could have noticed her blod curls. ive steped closer and she stand up.
her face was so beautiful, her body was amazing as well. she took my hand and she dragged me closser to her. i could have seen so face very clearly now. the most beautiful blue eyes ive ever met. she ahd hasky eyes, when i was looking into they i was entering a new dimension in witch i was full with inlove feelings. her white skin and her beautiful smile and teeth was making her face so amazing. she told me her name at my ear and took my hand again. he put it around her back and asked me to kiss her.
ive touched her lips slowly with mines and kissed her tander. her hand was now walking under my white tshirt that she just decided to take it off. i was getting pretty exited and horney about her tander moves. her attitude was so erotic and sensual. the atmosfere made me forget where i am and act like a animal instict to all the emotions and feelings that went into my body because of her touch and kisses. she turned me with my back to her and he started to touch my abdome, my chest, up and down with this sensual and tender moves. she touched my dick and rab it couple of time. she opened my belt and started kissing me on my neck and back playing with her hand on my chest. her hands went down and she took my pants off, my boxers as well. she was laying in her nees when she turned me around again and started giving me a blow. her lips were feeling amazing and the sensation that i got it was totaly out of any experiences i had before. i was so exited and turned on that i took her from her sholders and pick her up. kissed her with so much passion that i though that im gonna hurt her. i let her go and kissed her with the same pressure. i couldnt stop losing myself in her eyes. everytime ive seen that cristal clear blue eyes i was falling more inlove with the feeling than ever. she made a sign to calm myself. she took a black peace of something and tied it on my eyes. she took me and set me on a chair.
she turned a slow music in the background and started to do a lap dance. i couldnt see her body but i could have feel her shapes, her smoothness and her sensual moves. after my moaming was going to laud she stoped for a second and turned with the face to me. she opened her legs and took my dick with a hand and place is at the entrance of her pussy. the moment when ive penetrated her was unique. thousands of strange feelings and emotion were runing up and down my body, my mind was exploding like in a overdose of endorfine.
she fucked me till i got in the point of coming. then i release my eyes and took her out. set her on the couch and grabed her pretty curls with my hand and stuck my dick into her mouth.

i was ready to come and started to look into her eyes and masturbed in her face till the point when i heard her screem : come , come in my face !

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