Saturday, March 27, 2010


couples of years ago i was tripping around the world in search of something i never tryed before. i think now that all i end up living was exactly the experiences i needed to get over some questions i had in my mind.
but we are here to let you know some other things. the story is quite complicated but i will try to store it in a simple way.

during my visit in India i was once passing with as caravane this small village were there were around 7 girls to one boy; we arrive late, around sunset. just before entering the village we ´made a 5 minutes break for some fotographer to capture this great landscape that we were just ready to see it in more details.
the village was simple, the houses were made mostly by wood and leafs; the poor aspect was colored by the green plants and the small water that was passing thru the village;

you could had notice the presents of lots of girls, exactly like our guide was telling us earlyer.
"carefull with the girls guys, there are many and verry beautiful"
i decided to sleep and explore the village next morning; we had two days of rest and the village wasnt so big to start from the first evening. the next morning i took my book and went for a walk. stoped at a nice taverna were i could had enjoy there dayly breakfast. the food was strange and it was more based on some red meet combine with smashed egs and some legetables. the mix looked uneatable but the taste just made me enjoy this tradition taste.
as i walk afterwords into the church, actually was a small box made by wood with a strange roof that had a star designed in an ancient style; an old woman apears and sets next to me; she asked me were im from and what im doing in this strange lands; after i finished my quiq story about my search i've dare to ask her whats her story. the old woman got angry right away and told me that in this placers you dont question womans, they do.
she looked at me with a strange look and after got near me and wisper at my ear to be in a place at the midnight. i've found the request strange but in the same time made my heart beat faster and pumping my blood into my heart with a faster speed. i spend the restof the day reading and enjoying the landscape of the place, went to a book store and bought this old dictionare or old and new indian language;
it was couples of hours past dinner and the midnight was comening soon; i didnt think much what im gonna do but there wa sure a feeling in me that pushed me to be at the place exactly when the clock was turning 00;
i heard some steps from the back but didnt want to know whos getting close to me; two arms just grabed me and a womans voice was comanding me to move on; we entered this strange underground tunnel and end up in a beautiful lake surrended by big rocks.
not far away you could had see a fire and some activity; after couples of meters i could hear as well the music; i was something trippie and also verry indian tribal/vocal;
when i was infron of the fire i couldnt belive what i was seeing; so many beautiful girls dancing almost naked leting outside an amaying erotic atmosfere. i was as well so surprise that i didnt get horney at wall. after i was thinking whats happening with me i was starting to have all this strange thoughts about what i could do with all of them;
i was pushed on the ground by one of the girls and forced to "wake up" to this strange reality. one of them started to speak a strange language and it didnt even sound indian at all. i didnt care that much i was just curious how the things will turn on. in the next second after the woman stoped talking in the middle a girl was standing naked with her eyes covered. after this a voice from the crowd said to enjoy it. and all the girls were turning there back and walk away into the water and darkness.
i approuched the girl that was blinded and took of her scarf. she had the most beautiful blue eyes i ever saw in my life and her smile was pure; she was perfeclty aware that shes standing there naked and she knew what was gonna happen. she touched my face and pushed me closed to her. she told me at my ear that she likes me to take her virginity and that she is preparing for this for long time.
it didnt care at all for me when i started to kiss her gentle on her incredible fin skin, the golden light was makeing her coulor to look a golden brawn and to shine into my amayed look. i was grabing her now from the back pressing her with my passional kisses. she stoped me and made a sign to sit down on this blanket.
i've took my cloths off and set down on the back. she started to dance infron of me makeing my dick hard and horney. i took her hand and pushed her over me.she went down and kissed my stomac and licked the rest till she kissed my dick. she had some great lips and her blowing me was something i will never forget. i got really turned on and just turned her with the face down and penetrate her pussy from behind. i was tooking her hands and pull back and i wash pushing her in the same time with the force of my penetration.
after couples of positions i was ready to come. tooked my dick out and stand up. in her need she, again, made me have and incredible fiyical sentiment.
i was allmost ready to go and she felt that and started to stare me wispering with a sweet accent "come in my face"

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A moment in Wonderland

The hotel lay at the city center. From the window of the room I had the view over everything. There were lights as far as the eye could reach. I put out my cigarette and went back to the bed where he still slept.

I had my eyes on him the whole evening. He was tonight’s catch. Those cheek bones belonged to a model. That body had to be hard as stone. His hands were big and his hair was shaggy. He was moving to the rythm like he was a part of the music. The sensualty in his dance captured me and led me to him. I felt magnetism between our bodies. His eyes met mine and the attraction was inevitable. I imagined those moves in a whole other situation. A situation where he would take me and fuck my brains out. Thinking about hot and dirty sex made me wet. I approached him; moving with the rythm. I let my fingers walk on his back as he turned around. He grabbed my waist and swang me backwards. Time stoped; the crowed disappeared. We were the only people in the world. He kissed my shoulder. I got more and more excited. I grabbed his muscular arm and headed for the alivator. The doors closed and I pushed the emergency button. We made out and he pushed me against the wall. He put his dick inside me, and I screamed for pleasure. He bit my neck and kissed me hard. The passion was invincible. My room was on the top. We walked inside and I pushed him away. I put on the music and lead him to the couch. I stripped for him and gave him a pussy show. He couldn’t handle one more second without fucking me. He carried me to the bed and fucked me hard and deep. I sat over him and rode back and forth. Gentle as if he barely was inside me. I went off, and put his dick in my mouth. I rolled my tongue like I was licking a lollipop. The best I’ve ever tasted. I put it so deep I almost choked. I felt he was almost coming so I lay down on my back and told him to sit over me.

“I want you to come in my face.”

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

in hostels

It was a confused morning waking uo in this hostel room, there were some beds "bussi" and on the floor i've noticed a girl searching tru'her stuff. she weared glasses and had a t shirt in stripes, long till her knees. to be honest i've found her atractive but never thought its gonna end up like this.

after i ignore the morning mood i introduce myself and jump down from the bed. the conversation was kinda platonic so i just went into the shower and made some sex with the mother nature ( h2o ). i've took off my shirt and my night pants and now i was standing there in my boxers. i could had notice that she was in a way atractive about what she sees but i just smiled to her and went in.
she had this naive expresion on her face but in the same time you could read in her eyes that she was a totaly sexfreak,things that actually are turning me on. before i left the hostel let her know about this party i wanted to attend this evening and i let her know that i wish to meet her there.

the party was big and i had lots of fun and drinks durring the evening. i was looking after her but never saw her there , even she said she'd been there; the next day we just hanged up togheter, experience some truffels ( wich btw there are not something ). the evening was on and i went to the club were i ve find her there. she was completly smashed and you didnt have with who to talk with. she just crashed down on her bed before i could say "night" ;

the next day i've invited her to a hiphop underground concert were we had drinks and a good time i can say. it was her last night and this was out last chance to make it happen.
we went back to the hostel after a walk in the dam and took the elevator till the last floor were i've pushed her with the face at the wall and started to finger her till she went crazy moaning and come very loud. the feelings were violently sweet and soon after she came she sat down and started to suck my dick with a great style.
she was doing a gr8 job and soon i was coming on her face. we went afterwords in the room and took a shower were we continued with the stranges position we ever imagine in a shower "box"
it was sweet :)