Wednesday, February 17, 2010

irresistible yellow

i was passing this liquer store when i saw her walking down the street. she had on her a yellow short dress and a green back in the hand. with black shoes and a red hat she was turning all the guys heads after her. i just followed her till she entered into the parking square.
my car was parked outside on a taleral street so i was running and turn the engine on waiting for her to come out. as she did i drive on her way till she stoped at on Avenue street no13.
this was it , i had to make a move and i approce her very confident.

- excuse me, are you from around here?
- yes, can i help you with something?
- well, first i appologize, i'm Mat. i was just trying actually to get into a conversation with you, because i just find you incredible hot.

she didnt looked surprised at all, but you could see in her eyes that she is totally in control of her beauty. she know how to play. she smiled amuzed and answered :

- i,m Em ! and she waited for Mat to shake hands.
- do you have time for a guike drink?
- actually i was just going into my friends flat, but she just text me that she is gonna be late, but i have her key here so lets go upstairs and have a drink.

as they took the elivator a strange emotion was conquer both of them. she turn a little red and started to loose this "wall of defence". they went into the appartment and sat down on the couch. she turnes on the music and went to the bar. what can i make for you? she asked.

- i would like a black russion, is that ok ?
- sure.

she comes with the drinks and sets down near him. you could see that they feel more and more attractive to eachother. he sleeps a little bit closer and grab her heands. she didnt had anything with it, so that means for him that she is interested in. he stands up and goes to the window. look at the view and ask's if she ever been abroad. as she tells him her experience in Tunisia, he just goes near her and with a small gesture he puts his finger on her lips making her a sign to stop talking. her heart starts beating faster, and you can see that she is breathing havy. she grabs him from the back and pulls him very close. they look into eachothers eyes and without words thei walk into the guest room. they kiss with passion and starts taking off their clotes.
he takes her and turns her with the face at the wall, and starts penetrating her vigina. she is moaning a lots and the action get more and more intense. he takes his dick out and turn her with the face at him. he grabs her leg with his right arm and keep it on the air. he penetraits her again and soon after you could had hear her coming very loud.
after she's back from her orgasm she set down in her nees and stark suckin his dick with style. as he is coming she says :

-come, come, come in my face !

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