Wednesday, February 17, 2010

stormy night fantasies

She’s sitting on the cold sand in an early morning. She can’t sleep because of the sound from the storm. Suddenly she hears steps of some flipflops coming from behind. As she turns her head a cold shiver rushes through her body. She can’t believe her eyes when she sees him.
She runs to him, and puts her hands on his face and asks:
“What happened? What happened to you? Who did this?”
He replies that everything is okey, even if you could see in his dark eyes that he was hurt. He takes her hand and lead her inside. She walks to the kitchen to get something to drink and then he tells her the story that made his body bleed... He stood in the store when he saw this boy trying to reach something from the highest shelf. He helped him out and when he turned around he saw the dark dressed man pointing a gun at them. To save the boy the man threw himself over the thief. The bullet hit him in his shoulder and the thief ran away.
He says to her that she was the only thing he could think of. He had to come to her straight away.
She’s staring at him. Without any words they both know what’s going to happen.
She walks towards him. Undresses him carefully. They step into the warm, steamy shower and she cleares his wound. She wipes the soap over his body. He’s shivering. He can’t stand it anymore. He grabes her arms and pull her closer. Hard but yet gently. She’s scared and turned on. She gives him a massage while she’s kissing his back, turning him and kisses his stomach. Going from his cheast and down... He’s bursting on her face and she gives him a sexy smile.
He kisses her on her neck and further down on her breast. Roling his toungh around the nipple. He goes down on her. She can’t take it anymore. She screams of satisfaction. As she opens her eyes, her look says more than a thoussand words. This will be a long night of pleasure.
He lifts her up in his arms and go to the livingroom. He pushes her against the wall. Gets inside her hard and deep.
They move on to the kitchen... He takes her on the dinner table after throwing everything on the floor. His hands are moving along her body. They go to the bedroom. It’s painted in red and white. The curtains are black as ashes and so is the big bed. They throw themselfes down on the bed.
She kisses him passionated. They touch eachother all over and make love in the bed. She’s on top and he loves it. First slow then faster and faster and faster.
They come together in One. Big. Orgasm.

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