Friday, April 2, 2010

moonlight shadow

It’s twilight and the streets are getting empty after a long day of work. It’s been a warm day and I feel like going for a swim in the sun heated ocean on the other side of the island.

The beach lies away from the crowd. It’s hidden between the rocks. This is where I go when I need some time for myself. Sometimes I imagine that I’m the only one on earth that knows about this beach. It’s different from the other beaches. It’s unique with the almost black sand; soft as the skin of a baby. When I go there I take of my clothes; lie in the sand, with my arms extended on opposite directions.
This time, it’s almost like a fairytale, when I enter the beach. It’s full moon and together with the stars, it lights up the sand. I take a few steps closer to the ocean, and the soft wave make me wet. The sound of the waves calms me down and I feel free. I can’t resist going out in the water, focusing on the moon. My white dress is getting transparent and I can see my bronze colored skin right through it. My breasts are shown and so is my stomach.

Suddenly I hear someone coming. I turn around and I see a man standing on the beach. I can’t move. He comes out of the shadow and his face lights up by the moon as he looks up at me. His eyes are deep and his look is filled with desire. His hair is dark brown; almost black and his body is made by perfection. He takes of his shirt and his pants, and starts to walk closer to me. I feel the fear in my breath, but I still can’t take one single step.

When he reaches me, he doesn’t touch me. He stays a few centimeters away and looks me in the eyes. No words can ever explain what I feel. It’s like we are talking through our eyes. No words needed. The connection between us in undescribable. I take my hand out of the water and place it on his heart. It’s beating faster and I take my other hand and caress his forehead gentle with my fingers. The water drops falls down on his cheeks. I take them away and hold both my hands on his chin. Softly I take the last step closer to him. Our bodies are united as one. He tries to say something but I stop him. I let my hand walk down on his back and we both have our eyes closed. He leans forward and kisses my lips with passion. A stream rushes through my body and it feels like I’m fainting. I’m so turned on.
He takes his hands on my legs and pulls my heavy dress over my head and drops it in the ocean. I look him in the eyes when he does it. There’s something about him that makes me smile. We are not strangers anymore; it feels like we have known eachother forever. He put his hand on my breast and it gives me a thrill. I’m extreamly horny now.

I grab his dick and masturbate him. He close is eyes out of pleasure and holds me close. We make love in the ocean. And I swear that I have never done anything even close to this before. He definitely knows what he’s doing. I’m coming not once, not twice but three times and he still gives me pleasure. I take his hand and lead him to the beach where we continue. I go down on him. I kiss his neck; I lick his nipples and kiss his stomach. Then I take his dick in my mouth and suck it; deep and softly. I can do it for so long, because I love it.
He’s almost coming. I can see how he struggles to keep it for a few more seconds, but then I make my move and it’s impossible to keep it any longer. I turn around and he sits on me. I look at him and gives him the permission.

“Come, come in my face”


  1. hahaha alex. you have much fantasy! but thats a good thing ;)

    //Hannah. sweden. amsterdam, yeah i guess you know

  2. this is not written by me but i think its just a product of desires and love mixed by a nice charming style .

  3. Haha Hannah, jag tror inte killar kan skriva från ett kvinnligt perspektiv när det gäller sex. Vi ser saker och ting på ett helt annat sätt:P haha