Tuesday, March 2, 2010

in hostels

It was a confused morning waking uo in this hostel room, there were some beds "bussi" and on the floor i've noticed a girl searching tru'her stuff. she weared glasses and had a t shirt in stripes, long till her knees. to be honest i've found her atractive but never thought its gonna end up like this.

after i ignore the morning mood i introduce myself and jump down from the bed. the conversation was kinda platonic so i just went into the shower and made some sex with the mother nature ( h2o ). i've took off my shirt and my night pants and now i was standing there in my boxers. i could had notice that she was in a way atractive about what she sees but i just smiled to her and went in.
she had this naive expresion on her face but in the same time you could read in her eyes that she was a totaly sexfreak,things that actually are turning me on. before i left the hostel i.ve let her know about this party i wanted to attend this evening and i let her know that i wish to meet her there.

the party was big and i had lots of fun and drinks durring the evening. i was looking after her but never saw her there , even she said she'd been there; the next day we just hanged up togheter, experience some truffels ( wich btw there are not something ). the evening was on and i went to the club were i ve find her there. she was completly smashed and you didnt have with who to talk with. she just crashed down on her bed before i could say "night" ;

the next day i've invited her to a hiphop underground concert were we had drinks and a good time i can say. it was her last night and this was out last chance to make it happen.
we went back to the hostel after a walk in the dam and took the elevator till the last floor were i've pushed her with the face at the wall and started to finger her till she went crazy moaning and come very loud. the feelings were violently sweet and soon after she came she sat down and started to suck my dick with a great style.
she was doing a gr8 job and soon i was coming on her face. we went afterwords in the room and took a shower were we continued with the stranges position we ever imagine in a shower "box"
it was sweet :)

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