Sunday, March 7, 2010

A moment in Wonderland

The hotel lay at the city center. From the window of the room I had the view over everything. There were lights as far as the eye could reach. I put out my cigarette and went back to the bed where he still slept.

I had my eyes on him the whole evening. He was tonight’s catch. Those cheek bones belonged to a model. That body had to be hard as stone. His hands were big and his hair was shaggy. He was moving to the rythm like he was a part of the music. The sensualty in his dance captured me and led me to him. I felt magnetism between our bodies. His eyes met mine and the attraction was inevitable. I imagined those moves in a whole other situation. A situation where he would take me and fuck my brains out. Thinking about hot and dirty sex made me wet. I approached him; moving with the rythm. I let my fingers walk on his back as he turned around. He grabbed my waist and swang me backwards. Time stoped; the crowed disappeared. We were the only people in the world. He kissed my shoulder. I got more and more excited. I grabbed his muscular arm and headed for the alivator. The doors closed and I pushed the emergency button. We made out and he pushed me against the wall. He put his dick inside me, and I screamed for pleasure. He bit my neck and kissed me hard. The passion was invincible. My room was on the top. We walked inside and I pushed him away. I put on the music and lead him to the couch. I stripped for him and gave him a pussy show. He couldn’t handle one more second without fucking me. He carried me to the bed and fucked me hard and deep. I sat over him and rode back and forth. Gentle as if he barely was inside me. I went off, and put his dick in my mouth. I rolled my tongue like I was licking a lollipop. The best I’ve ever tasted. I put it so deep I almost choked. I felt he was almost coming so I lay down on my back and told him to sit over me.

“I want you to come in my face.”

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